Wednesday, 3 June 2009

sonic attack

"All music and talk and sound recorded by a battery of tape recorders recording and playing back moving on conveyor belts and tracks spilling the talk and metal music fountains and speech as the recorders moved from one exhibit to another- Vast mobile sculptures of music boxes and recorders wind chimes and movies of the exhibit reflected from ponds and canals and islands where restaurants enclosed in flicker cylinders spilled light and talk and music across the water- Movies mix on screen half one half the other- Characters walk in and out of the screen flickering different films on and off- Conversations recorded in movies taken during the exhibit appear on the screen until all the spectators are involved situations permutating and moving-(Since the recorders and movies of the exhibition are in constant operation it will be readily seen that any spectator appears on the screen sooner or later..."  William Burroughs 

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